Update on ideas

At this point i am still set on for fulfilling my original idea. Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with different effects that i could implement into my trailer to make it seem even more relative to the fantasy genre. I have discovered some VFX that could impact the trailer in a […]

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Green Screen

For my trailer I will be using a few shots with the use of a green screen. Green screens are used to remove the background from a scene so there is only a character or an object in frame and the rest is green. This green screen is then removed to be made transparent to […]

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how to improve video quality

There are multiple ways to improve video quality when creating film, whether it is for a long film, a short film or a trailer; the video quality is always vital for success. Below i will list some of the key aspects of filming that will improve video quality. Lighting: Shadows Natural lighting is the best […]

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Devices for filming

In the summer I plan to go out to multiple locations and start to take some test shots. To do this i will need a viable recording device. The current options that I have are to: Hire out a Nikon DLSR camera from school, Buy myself a new camera from a camera shop or Argos […]

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Story Line For Whole Film

For the film of “The Leviathan” it will be following todorovs theory of equilibrium: A state of Equilibrium: All families are living a normal life, everyone is happy with no knowledge of supernatural creatures. Disruption of Equilibrium: A dark object is found which has the ability to re awaken the leviathan, and there is someone […]

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Brief Lore of The Leviathan

The Leviathan is not something that can be explained, its more so a force. It has only been seen by few people on earth. To the people of earth he is known as both the beginning, and the end. He was present when the earth was first created and he will remain until the day […]

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