Draft 3 Strengths and Weaknesses

This is the 3rd draft for my trailer “Kindred”. This draft is a polished version of draft 2. I cleaned up all the transitions to make sure they’re all smooth and go with the flow of the music. However watching this draft all cleaned up made me realise some of the faults in the trailer.

The middle scene was filmed in a rush to get it done so it turned out unsuccessful and will need to be changed/reshot. The character’s clothing was random as it was a hoodie on top of smart clothing and didn’t really make sense. There is no point going into the details as to why it is ineffective because it will take forever, but the end goal is that I need to adapt it and reshoot that scene.

However a positive is the ending is sorted. The sound and miss en scene go together really well and make the ending clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Draft 2 Strengths and Weaknesses

This is the second draft of my trailer. In this draft the main element I tried to implement is the middle scene to link it all together (it was missing in the first draft). Overall I think this middle scene linked it all together quite well. It added more lore to the trailer and gives the audience more of an essence of what it is about.  This also allowed me to better the ending by adding the scene of the protagonist looking at the sky. With the new scene the trailer is now over 2 minutes which is more conventional for trailers opposed to the predicted 1 minute 30 (gathered this information from my research). The colour grade added also is quite effective. Especially in the first scene and it enhances the colours. In the original footage it was quite bland because of the white walls and then the under-saturated colours of the clothing worn. The CC looks okay in the second scene but it enhances the shadows in the background which makes it stand out as well as the protagonist talking, this is a negative but may not be a major factor in which needs changing. Titles were also added as a self reference to the poster. On the poster the quote at the top is “The Fallen Will Rise Again”. This is the text shown throughout the ending building up to the climax. Having this text shown was one of the choices I had to make during the process of creating the trailer because I was unsure whether to use the names of the actors or the quote. I think the quote is better because it helps to make up for the lack of dramatic music used (countering conventions).

However, even though there are positives to this draft, there are also some negatives that need to be improved for the final version. For example, before transitioning into the second scene there is meant to be a time lapse of a large house to transition smoothly into the scene; but at the minute there is only a fade into the scene. This will be added into the final edit. Also, In the news report the close up footage is really grainy. This is due to the lightning it was filmed in. Unfortunately it is really difficult to change because it would mean re shooting the iPhone footage. This might be acceptable because it is only a shot clip, but I will have to check. From this footage there is a SRS that looks back at the protagonists reaction to what he has just heard. For some reason in the render the first sound effect is quiet opposed to the others that follow; this will have to be adjusted for the final render. For the ending introducing the antagonist I tried to use no sound effect on first sight but I used one when it disappeared from the screen to show the title. I’m still unsure if it is effective or not and will have to get some feedback from people. The footage of the protagonist looking at the sky is a really good shot IMO but at the start it looks relatively shaky, this was because it was trying to focus so it was going in and out. This can be fixed in the final render by shortening the clip. When recording the second scene the mic’s pop filter came off and we lost it. This caused the audio to be slightly harsher than expected. To overcome this I put the sound into audacity to remove some of the harsher noises made. This did not completely revert it to its intended state but it defiantly helped. A minor issue is that there are some point in the trailer where it jumps or a fade is not as smooth and I want it to be; but that is easily fixable in the final render.