Update on ideas

At this point i am still set on for fulfilling my original idea. Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with different effects that i could implement into my trailer to make it seem even more relative to the fantasy genre. I have discovered some VFX that could impact the trailer in a […]

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Green Screen

For my trailer I will be using a few shots with the use of a green screen. Green screens are used to remove the background from a scene so there is only a character or an object in frame and the rest is green. This green screen is then removed to be made transparent to […]

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how to improve video quality

There are multiple ways to improve video quality when creating film, whether it is for a long film, a short film or a trailer; the video quality is always vital for success. Below i will list some of the key aspects of filming that will improve video quality. Lighting: Shadows Natural lighting is the best […]

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