how to improve video quality (Individual)

There are multiple ways to improve video quality when creating film, whether it is for a long film, a short film or a trailer; the video quality is always vital for success. Below i will list some of the key aspects of filming that will improve video quality.


  • Shadows
  • Natural lighting is the best lighting
  • LED lights on phones help to create a cinematic look
  • Hard light vs soft light
  • Reflectors (Tinfoil, White Cardboard)
  • Lights a Candles to create a mood
  • Dim lighting/ darker colour correction usually used for a trailer

Set Design:

  • Add in certain props and object of my own into the set to make it seem more filled and give the scene more life.
  • Props in a scene also make it seem cinematic


  • Using a tripod for a still shot to prevent movement
  • Add movement to shots makes them seem more cinematic
  • Dolly Shots (tracking shots in vehicles)
  • Depth helps to bring a cinematic view


  • Rule of thirds makes a shot look more interesting
  • Use of low and high angles to represent strength and weakness
  • Depth of Field (when the background is out of focus and the subject or object is in focus) gives the audience an idea as to where they should be looking.


  • Sound effects used in along side a sound track
  • Audio editing to make the clips link with the sound is effective and conventional in trailers
  • Ambient Sound (record separately if needed, birds singing etc in a forest)
  • Record sound effects separately.
  • Use a Mic to record voice overs.




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