analysis of the mummy magazine cover (Individual)

Image result for the mummy magazine front coverThis magazine cover is promotional cover for the new film “the mummy”. The cover features elements from the poster of the film, but adaptions are made to it in order to display a more magazine type look to it.

The first thing that has been changed is the positioning of the main character (Tom Cruise). In this magazine cover he has been scaled up closer to make him seem bigger. This is effective because it makes it so the audience notices the face of tom cruise and immediately becomes more interested in looking at the remaining information within the magazine. This is because Tom Cruise is an iconic actor in the industry known for his roles in Van Helsing, Top Gun, Mission ImpossibleĀ , Collateral and many more.

In addition to this in the bottom left of the poster there is helicopters with what seems to be an explosion going on in the background. This is not part of the original poster. This is good for a magazine promotion because it adds a sense of action to the poster. It gives the audience an idea of what the film entices and would attract their target audience that like this type of film.

Furthermore there is a quote from Tom Cruise beneath the image of him stating “I took it to the next level”. This is impactful from a readers perspective because it shows them that Tom Cruise him self believes that he has taken the old version of the movie with the loose remake of the new one. For the audience that has watched the older one and enjoyed it, it will give them a feeling of excitement because it is meant to be even better than the original.

The creators of this magazine cover also included Princess Ahminet in the background. This is effective because it is enforcing her relevance in the film.

However, the text that is used for “the mummy” on the magazine cover does not show any relevance to the text used in the poster. Even though it is not representative of the actual poster it still is effective. This is because it doesn’t reveal anything about the actual text of the poster which could make the reader want to look into the film some more.

lastly the header for the magazine “Total Film” is an iconic magazine which could make the fans want to look into the magazine anyway regardless of if they are a fan of the mummy or not resulting in a bigger audience.



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